H2 Core Systems all around the world

Green hydrogen for everyone, everywhere.

H2 Core Systems is focusing on the core of hydrogen based energy systems!

We develop, manufacture and maintain modularly configurable production, storage and energy systems by combining electrolysis with storage, compression, fuel cells and everything around an H2 based eco-system.

The systems are flexible, expandable and scalable at any time à perfect for combination with photovoltaic or wind power systems in a decentralized, self-sufficient and green energy supply that can be used worldwide.

Our solutions are making green hydrogen available for everyone, everywhere, from 100% renewable energy sources in a standardized, flexible, and smart way.

We´re replacing fossil power with carbon free alternatives NOW.

Combining our know-how of fluid systems with innovative Enapter AEM electrolysers and the innovative energy management system EMS, we´re building your standardised, flexible and smart hydrogen package.

Adding our experience in industrial services, we build, upgrade, and maintain your systems in every lifecycle status and our engineers support you on the way into a greener future.

Starting at 2.4kW and going up to industrial scale multi-MW solutions.

The energy transition has started -> connect and join the movement NOW!

Our goal is to use our experience in combination with renewable energies and new technologies to stand up for a “green and sustainable future”. We want to inspire the social change in a resource-saving, intelligent and goal-oriented action. To be powered by nature!

Become part of

and join our enthusiastic team to stand up for a green and sustainable future!

Send your application to application@h2coresystems.com. For telephone inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Nicole Reiche (+49 172 190 94 05).

Our partners

What would life be without teamwork?!

We are proud of our large partner network, which is constantly growing. Together we are making the world greener!

Trees for the future!


Trees are our most effective weapon against climate change. By absorbing thousend of tonnes of CO2 every day, trees can help to limit the rise in global temperatur to below 1.5°C.

We invest 0.25% of sales in tree planting campaigns from ECOSIA and invite every customer to participate by simple selection during the order process, including official certificates.