Do you need green hydrogen for vehicles?

H-Port offers an efficient way of producing, compressing and handling hydrogen for refueling vehicles and forklifts.

The H-PORT solution is based on efficient AEM electrolysis system of H2 Core Systems to generate hydrogen, the well-known HULC technology from Maximator to compress the gas up to 1,000 bar, the control systems by EVB.

With the new H-Port technology we are proud to off er an effi ci[1]ent way of Hydrogen production, compression and handling.

The H-PORT solution is based on effi cient AEM electrolysing system of H2 Core System to generate Hydrogen, the well known HULC technology to compress the gas up to 1,000 bar, the cleverness of electrical planning, installation and pro[1]gramming by EVB and fi nally the experience and know how of CeH4 to realize assembling, testing and the complete documenation package.



The H-Port is designed for plug & play application and is covering nearly all requirements. The interface connection for the customer is reduced to a minimum. A web-based access to the control system offer independant control with your mobile PC or smartphone. Depending on the application we are offering several modules to cover application of „Power To Gas“, „Refueling“ or only for „Storing“ of Hydrogen.

The high – quality 19” cabinet system from our Indoor HydroCab is particularly suitable for your individual H2 application and includes modular stackable electrolysers. The basic version is including two cabinets with five electrolyser modules and is scalable.

Do you need a customized solution? No problem, depending on the application we are offering several modules to cover applications of „Power To Gas“, „Refueling“ or only for „Storing“ of hydrogen. Just ask us!

The flexible way of onsite H2

  • up to 1000 bar – the most innovative
    Power to Gas system
    with 24kg/day capacity


Energy Management System (EMS)

Energy Management System:

Enapter’s unique Energy Management System (EMS) allows for intuitive monitoring and control of the electrolysers and dryers, as well as easy integration with third-party devices (ie. fuel cells, sensors, tanks, solar, wind, etc.).

The EMS takes energy system control software to a whole new level.

You can have a closer look at Enapters EMS-Page.

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