Residential multi-home – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Enapter Electrolyser 2.1

H2 Storage

Fuel Cell


Chiang Mai, Thailand

What was installed?

4 x Enapter EL 2.1

H2 Storage

Fuel Cell


Where was it installed?

The Phi Suea House (Home of the Butterflies) is the world’s first solar-hydrogen multi-house which has been off-grid since 2015.

How it works?

Sunshine and rain cover all energy and water needs on the premises facilitated by Enapter electrolysers. In simple terms, the energy of the sun is transformed via solar panels into electricity. Any excess power will be converted and stored as hydrogen. When the sun doesn’t shine, the stored hydrogen gas in tanks generate electricity by using fuel cells.

What have we learned from working on this application?

It demonstrates to the world how sustainable living can be achieved.


Source: Enapter

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