Hydro Hulc

The smart way of hydrogen

The Maximator Hulc Series is a modular Gas Compression System, specifically designed for Hydrogen compression up to 1000 bar with scalable volume flow.
A standard configuration consists of one control module (MASTER-module) and up to three gas booster modules (X-modules) – first stage module up to 140 bar, second stage module up to 400 bar and the final stage module up to 1000 bar.

This configuration will provide a gas outlet flow of 5 Nm³/h Hydrogen per hour. For higher outlet capacities more modules can be connected easily.

The Power of HYDRO HULC

  • High availability
  • Innovative design
  • Modular system
  • Plug and boost
  • Scalable compression power
  • Safety and service friendly


Pressure class:

Hulc 140: up to 140 bar
Hulc 400: up to 400 bar
Hulc 1000: up to 1000 bar

Inlet pressure:

Hulc 140: <=35 bar
Hulc 400: <=140 bar
Hulc 1000: <=400 bar

Mass flow H2:

up to 5 Nm³/h

Air supply connection:

BSP ¾”

Air bleed connection:

BSP ¾”

Gas supply:

¼ “Swagelok


920x483x270 (6HE)


50 kg

Cabinet outside dimensions:

Hulc 140: 1200x800x1300
Hulc 400: 1200x800x1300
Hulc 1000: 1200x800x2200

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