SBB Energy S.A., Poland


45-324 Opole, Poland

What was installed

  • 3 x HydroCab® 4.0, 99.999% purity (5.0)
  • 15 x Enapter EL, 3 x Enapter Dryer (37kW electrolysis capacity)
  • 1 x Fuel Cell Cab
  • 5 x FC with 4kW (20kW FC power)
  • 35 bar buffer tank
  • 4 pcs. 200 bar flexible high-pressure storage
  • 1 x Compressor System (electromechanical)13 Nm³/h, 200bar
  • 1 x Water Purification System + conductivity check
  • Installation, commissioning, project support


In Poland, railway electrification has reached 98%, with only one remaining unelectrified route. The trains run directly on electric power supplied via overhead lines. The station where the container is located is a substation equipped with a battery backup, which is used to buffer power outages in the railway network.

To create a grid-balancing and train-recharging application a lot of components had to work together – production, storage, compression, and re-use of hydrogen for electrical power was all part of the process.

On this project, we worked closely with our partners MSR ( and DSHP (


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