Green hydrogen – Available now for everyone, everywhere!

H2 Core Systems develops, manufactures, and maintains modularly configurable electrolysis systems that are expandable and scalable at any time.

Accessible green hydrogen solutions by H2 Core Systems – Start your sustainable journey today!

H2 Core Systems is a spin-off of an established company specialized in fluid system technology and has corresponding experience with gases in industrial systems. We have been a successful family business for more than three decades and we place high value on trusting, long-term customer relationships, cooperation in partnership, and a strong team.

H2 Core Systems develops, manufactures, and maintains modular, scalable electrolysis systems and combines them with expansion options (fuel cells, compressors, and various storage options) to create complete plug-and-play energy supply solutions.

Our mission is to help create a resource-saving and sustainable energy supply worldwide, using over 35 years of experience in fluid system technology combined with renewable energies and new technologies.

Mission: Green hydrogen – Available for everyone and everywhere!

Our solutions making green hydrogen available for everyone, everywhere, from 100% renewable energy sources in a standardized, flexible, and smart way. Our systems and Container units replace fossil power with carbon free alternatives.



Our generation has an opportunity that previous generations did not have: we have the technical know-how to end the era of fossil fuels. We want to live in a world where fossil fuels are no longer used and green hydrogen supplies the world with renewable energy sources. And with our products, it comes without much effort.

The History of H2 Core Systems

Nov 2019

Project participation Quarree100 – first talks with the development agency Region Heide and Enapter AG. Development of the partnership.

Oct 2020

Founding of H2 Core Systems.

Feb 2021

Final acceptance of the prototype –> certified partner in hydrogen system construction of Enapter AG.

Apr 2021

Start of serial production.

Jun 2021

Implementation of first projects, supply of universities for research and development and residential apartments + Expansion of our product portfolio with the HydroCab PowerCore = self-sufficient energy solution.

Nov 2021

Compressor development finished to suite our complete energy solutions.

Feb 2022

Houston, Texas – Installation of HydroCabs to ensure grid stability.

Nov 2022

Production of the 200th serial number.

Jan 2023

Certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Apr 2023

Capacity of series production is expanded to 500 systems per year.