Our partners

Our network of partners is constantly growing

Because we all share a common vision: to live in a world without fossil fuels and to use green hydrogen everywhere. Discover our shared vision for a world free from fossil fuels and powered by green hydrogen. Partner with us to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future.

Together for a green future. If you are interested in a partnership, please write to us at info@h2coresystems.com.


“It is very inspiring for us to work with visionary companies like H2Core.
We are grateful for the innovative and open exchange and proud to support H2Core sustainably with our HydroHUlc in their business field.”


“Enapter is aiming to make green hydrogen affordable and accessible to all, using AEM Electrolysers to make water electrolysis competitive with fossil fuels. To achieve this, we act with urgency, opt for simplicity and insist on transparency. But we can’t do it alone — we rely on our partners to create the complete green hydrogen systems the world needs. Today, H2 Core Systems is at the forefront of this ecosystem creating the most innovative hydrogen solution.”

Enapter GmbH