The perfect solutions to store H2 after electrolyser

The most cost efficient way to store hydrogen is using the already 35 bar of our electrolysis systems. Up to >4,000 Nm³ to 115 m³ vessels!




Example: Hydrogen storage in the cylinder bundle:

  • Quick and safe installation + commissioning because of
  • lowest humidity for fuel cell and mobility applications
  • prefilled with nitrogen
  • no vacuum pumping needed


  • Low maintenance every 5 + 10 years
  • Low price/kg compared to other solutions
  • Low footprint due to horizontal or vertical
  • Long lifetime due to high quality


Operating pressure:

50 L – 115.000 L

Operating pressure:

35 bar – 700 bar

Environment operating temperature:

– 20°C … + 50°C

Design code:

ASME, PED, TPED, AD 2000, EN 13445


Cylinder bundles
GH2 container
Glass fibre container
Carbon fibre container

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