Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien


Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 21941-853, Brasilien

What was installed?

3 Outdoor HydroCabs® V2.1 incl. Enapter Electrolyser, Enapter dryer, Enapter water storage, water purification, fuel cells, compressor system, EMS (by Enapter), H2 storage (including commissioning)

Discover a pioneering Brazilian green hydrogen project aimed at decarbonizing the Amazon, and combating diesel dependence:
The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro started a cooperation project with The German Agency for International Cooperation, to emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and investment in clean technologies.
The project aims to prove the concept of a green H2 production plant powered by PV energy and its use in the production of electricity by a fuel cell that can be replicated and expanded in a general way in any region. The investigation also aims the part of urban mobility by use of two H2 bicycles.
Located on the university island of Ilha do Fundão of Rio de Janeiro the UFRJ’s Solar Energy and Green Hydrogen Laboratory uses nine of our single-core AEM Electrolysers to produce onsite green hydrogen. Thanks to Enapter’s dryers, the H2 reaches 99.999% purity and can then be stored at 400bar pressure for mobility use.
In addition to its use as an energy storage system, the UFRJ is researching the utilization of green hydrogen as a substitute for natural gas and the production of H2 and derivatives.


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