WPS – Water Purification System

Enapter electrolysers are highly resilient to water input and can be fed with purified rainwater or tap water.
A simple reverse osmosis processes with resin filters can provide the required water quality. 

The water input to the electrolyser needs to be desalinated and have a conductivity of < 20 µS/cm.


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WPS – Water Purification System

  • Input water: Drinking water or Tap water
  • Standard power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Water storage tank: 2 l


Output water conductance:

< 5 µS

Operative power consumption:

200 W (Standby < 3 W)

Clean water production rate:

2 l/min = 120 l/h

Operating pressure water system:

1,5 bar … 4,0 bar

Water temperature:

+5 °C … +30 °C

Environment operating temperature:

+5 °C … +40 °C


17,7 kg

Filtering system:

Reverse osmosis system is an osmotic module for the removal of
dissolved salts and other possible pollutants present ion exchange
resins bottle including:
– Pre filter module:
Capacity approx.: 8000 l
– Fine filter module
Capacity approx.: 1500


Maintenance intervals dependent on water input quality.
Approximated values mentioned above

Recommended number of AEM electrolysers to be supplied:

Maximum 5 Electrolysers

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