Egat Learning Center -Thailand

3 x IndoorCabs (10x ELectrolysers, 3x Fuel Cell, 2x Dryer, 1x WTM)



What was installed?

3 x IndoorCabs (10x Electrolysers, 3x Fuel Cell, 2x Dryer, 1x WTM)

Where was it installed?

EGAT Learning Center Thailand


EGAT Learning Center was established with the aim of providing knowledge and experience in power generation. To become a Trust & Pride of the nation, as well as a source of energy learning in Thailand and the world from the past, present and future. It is also a learning resource for energy efficient buildings, international standards that aim to achieve maximum benefits for society.

At the EGAT Learning Centre in Thailand, our partner and electrolyser supplier Enapter worked with Egat on a demonstration project and we brought the components together by installing 3 IndoorCabs. This is a school and research centre where the subject of hydrogen can be explained to interested people.


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