Containerised refuelling solutions – Lower Saxony, Germany

Enapter Electrolyser EL 2.1


Lower Saxony, Germany

What was installed?

30 x Enapter EL 2.1

Where was it installed?

Container-based demonstration system on the JAG Test-area


JA-Gastechnology GmbH (JAG) has developed a multi-function hydrogen refueling system that draws on stacked Enapter AEM Electrolysers to unlock hydrogen mobility solutions. The container-based demonstration system integrates 30 Enapter AEM electrolysers with gas dryers and gas compression to achieve 90 kW of electrolysis but future systems could feature between 30 kW and 210 kW. Several different projects are in production at JAG, with the solution designed to adapt to diverse use cases.

For example, the integrated 350 bar compressor unit allows efficient storage and direct refueling of fleets with 350 bar requirements such as forklifts, while the hydrogen quality will fulfill standard fuel cell needs for the automotive industry. Using the compact, modular Enapter AEM Electrolysers will allow users to start small for testing purposes and then scale up with stackable modules as needed. The fully-automated system can also regulate optimum efficiency in fluctuating power input such as energy from PV solar systems. In a later stage, JAG intends to plan larger systems of up to 1MW.


JA-Gastechnology GmbH (JAG)


Source: Enapter

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