Powering the world with green hydrogen

You already use renewable energies, and you are looking for a solution for your hydrogen usage?
Your renewable energy source is needed in hard to reach areas or remote places?
Moreover, you must face the huge challenge to reduce the costs for green hydrogen?
We have the right answer!

Your tailored, completely scalable, plug and play core system and/or modular, scalable, full assembled, quick and easy solution.
Our solutions making green hydrogen available for everyone and everywhere, from 100% renewable energy sources in a standardized, flexible, and smart way.
Driving down the cost for green hydrogen down to 1,5€/Kg within the next few years. Our systems and Container units replace fossil power with carbon free alternatives.
Combining our know-how of fluid systems with innovative Enapter AEM electrolysers and the energy management system EMS, we´re building your standardised, flexible and smart hydrogen source. Easy to integrate in different solution proposals.

Adding our experience in industrial services, we build, upgrade, and maintain your systems in every lifecycle status. Concentrate on your main tasks, while we care for your hydrogen systems.


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