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The AEM Multicore

You need green hydrogen in megawatt-scale?

We have the right solution: The AEM Multicore

Produce Megawatt-Scale Green Hydrogen. Simply. Rapidly. Anywhere.

The AEM Multicore uses many AEM Electrolyser cores for optimum reliability  with fast response times to fluctuating renewable energy: Green hydrogen that never sleeps! You can make up to 210 Nm3/h of green hydrogen an hour (450 kg/d) at 99.999% purity with our 1 MW AEM Electrolyser.
The AEM Multicore uses multiple electrolyser cores for a more resilient & responsive system that runs at optimal efficiency no matter the load applied. Save money compared to similarly sized PEM electrolysers while maximising H2 production with industry-leading flexibility for fluctuating energy.


There are 420 x AEM Stack Module in the AEM Multicore. The AEM stack module is the centerpiece of the product platform, minimum modular unit (MMU). It is equipped with the necessary sensors to measure flow speeds, temperatures and pressures. This enables detailed and granular monitoring of the state of health of each stack, as well as optimization of overall system management to balance running times and schedule pre-emptive maintenance activities.

AEM Multicore green hydrogen applications

  • Renewable energy storage for developers, utilities & communities. Optimise fluctuating renewables with green hydrogen storage for grid balancing, microgrids, curtailed power and supply of green gas. Unlock power-to-X, power-to-gas, commercial supply, heating & cooling use cases.
  • Industrial applications replacing grey hydrogen and natural gas. Use it for green ammonia production, as a carrier gas for semiconductors, in blast furnace injection for green steel, renewable methanol, biofuel and biogas production, as well as in glass annealing or as a chemical feedstock.
  • Hydrogen refuelling stations for private FCEV fleets or commercial users. With our AEM Multicore you can easily replace grey hydrogen refuelling, enable the switch from conventional combustion engine vehicles or make your own synthetic fuels and e-fuels.
  • Energy self-sufficiency for businesses and institutions. Use green hydrogen to unlock back-up energy, replace polluting diesel generators, research H2 solutions and energy independence, become completely energy self-sufficient, as well as unlock both on-grid and decentralised micro-grids


Production rate:

210 Nm³/h

Hydrogen output purity:

99.9% in molar fraction


3% – 100% of nominal production rate

Oxygen output pressure:


Nominal power consumption per Nm³ of H₂ produced:

4.8 kWh/Nm³

Nominal electrical power consumption:

1,008 kW


3 × 400 Vac three-phase grid


50/60 Hz

Nominal water flow:

0.19 m³/h purified water

Inlet water pressure:

0.5 barg – 4 barg

System life:

20 years

Hot startup time:

0 – 100% within seconds

Cold startup time:

0 – 100% in ca 30 minutes,
depending on ambient temperature

Energy Management System (EMS)

Energy Management System:

Enapter’s unique Energy Management System (EMS) allows for intuitive monitoring and control of the electrolysers and dryers, as well as easy integration with third-party devices (ie. fuel cells, sensors, tanks, solar, wind, etc.).

The EMS takes energy system control software to a whole new level.

You can have a closer look at Enapters EMS-Page.

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