Sesame Solar, Inc., USA


Sesame Solar, Inc., Falahee Road, Jackson, MI 49203, USA

What was installed?

One Indoor HydroCab PowerCore V2.1 incl. Electrolyser, fuel cell, dryer & water storage

Where was it installed?

Sesame Solar, Inc., Falahee Road, Jackson, MI 49203, USA

Hydrogen gas is produced inside Sesame Solars Nanogrids using electrolyzers, which decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. The hydrogen is “green” because it is made using solar power. The green hydrogen gas is stored in solid state storage tanks on the outside of the Nanogrid at low pressure (less than 300 psi) making it safe to transport. The oxygen gas is safely vented. When the batteries are discharged to 35%, the onboard Hydrogen Fuel cell starts charging the batteries using the stored, green hydrogen gas. When the batteries are recharged, the Hydrogen Fuel cell shuts off. Electrolysis continues to produce hydrogen gas until the storage tanks are full, then it shuts off and the batteries are again charged using solar power. This system provides a clean energy loop.


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