Universität Hohenheim – Germany

2 x IndoorCabs (8x Electrolysers, 2x Dryer, 1x WTM, 1x WPS)


Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany

What was installed?

2 x IndoorCabs (8x Electrolysers, 2x Dryer, 1x WTM, 1x WPS)

Where was it installed?

University Hohenheim

The Client:
The University of Hohenheim is an innovative and research-intensive university in the south of Stuttgart with students from around 100 nations and more than 2,000 employees. Generously equipped research facilities, a baroque castle and extensive parks characterize the campus. Modern teaching and cutting-edge research are combined in innovative subjects in the natural sciences, agricultural sciences and economics, and social sciences.

The Task:

To write a tender for a pilot plant for the production of alternative fuels based on biomethane in which hydrogen is converted with carbon dioxide to methane in a methanation reactor. The hydrogen required for this is produced in an electrolyser and is to be temporarily stored in a Type IV hydrogen tank as a buffer.


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