Outdoor HydroCab® with cooling

You want to use the green hydrogen yourself?

We have a customized solution: Our Outdoor HydroCab® with cooling

Shown here is a typical solution for a customer requiring 99.999% purity H2, in an outdoor cabinet. This high-quality 19″ cabinet system includes a heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system, which allows the system to withstand a wide range of climatic conditions. Up to five stackable EL 4.0 modular electrolysers and one dryer can be integrated per cabinet.

The hydrogen production can be specified from 1 kg/24h hydrogen up to 5 kg/24h hydrogen per cabinet.



Other installation modules, such as a water purification system, compressors, a water tank module and fuel cells with different power levels, are also available for the H2 Core System.

The system comes with a cloud based management system, and can be controlled from your laptop, mobile app, via the main panel, Modbus or via external PLC.

Do you need a bigger system? No problem, the system is scalable, ask us for a customized solution.


IP rating:


Cabinet outside dimensions:

W x D x H: 910 x 1210 x 2200 mm

Available size inside:

42 U

System weight:

400 kg – 600 kg

H2 Production rate:

up to 5 kg per day / 2,5Nm³ per hour


Active cooling from the cooling unit is capable to cool the
electrolysers. Stack cooling is blown for each module
individually from front to back

Location of connections and piping:

All connections are located either in the back of the cabinet or through the bottom of the cabinet. The O2 out line is located on the top backside.

Ambient operative temperature range:

-25 °C … + 40 °C

Water consumption:

0,4 l/h … 2 l/h

Operative power consumption:

up to 16 kW

Output pressure:

35 bar

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This product can be extended with the following modules

Energy Management System (EMS)

Energy Management System:

Enapter’s unique Energy Management System (EMS) allows for intuitive monitoring and control of the electrolysers and dryers, as well as easy integration with third-party devices (ie. fuel cells, sensors, tanks, solar, wind, etc.).

The EMS takes energy system control software to a whole new level.

You can have a closer look at Enapters EMS-Page.

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