AEM Electrolyser EL 2.1

Making Green Hydrogen Easy

Enapter’s patented anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyser is a standardized, stackable and flexible system to produce on-site hydrogen.

The modular design – paired with advanced software integration – allows set up in minutes and remote control and management. Stack this electrolyser to achieve the required hydrogen flowrate.

Electrolyser EL2.1 (standard version)

  • High efficiency
  • Automated & remote operation with Enapters EMS
  • Low requirements for input water purity
  • Ideal for on-site hydrogen production
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Safe operation
  • Scalable and modular, add as many modules as needed
  • Modules can be easily integrated in 19“ racks
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Small footprint thanks to compact design