Your tailored, completely scalable, standardized and modular plug and play core system for individual H2 use cases.
Up to five stackable modular electrolyser EL 2.1 and one dryer can be integrated in one standard 19” cabinet.
The hydrogen production can be specified from 1kg/24h hydrogen up to 5kg/24h hydrogen per cabinet.
One is not enough? Multiple cabinets can be easily connected to a bigger system to perfectly fit your needs.
The optional dryer rises the output purity of the hydrogen to 99.999% to fulfil even the highest demands for storage and mobility solutions.
Water purification Systems?
Water tank management?
Fuel cells?
Can easily be integrated into your individual solution!

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AEM Cluster 60/70/80

Need a bigger solution?
We call it the “AEM Cluster 60/70”
Based on standardized Rack-Systems with water-cooled electrolysers for maximum energy efficiency, we integrate several electrolysers into one 20ft container and combining them with a scaled water purification system, energy and heat management system to one big, modular and secure system.
Up to twelve 19” Racks can be integrated, and every Rack contains up to 5 electrolysers with water purifier, integrated water storage tank and dryer.

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Electrolyser EL 2.1

The first scalable patented Enapter electrolyser EL 2.1 that replaces fossil fuels with green hydrogen, which we integrate into your plug and play core system or your full assembled solution.

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